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Riviera Maya and the Caribbean are world renown as the premiere spot for fishing, and in this area fishing season is everyday of the year.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the fishing chart. On any given day, you can catch from 5 to 10 species of fish ranging from 5 to 800 pounds. Now tell me, where else in the world can you go and experience a similar experience. I will answer that for you, NOWHERE.

Now that you know where the fish are at, you need someone who can take you to where you can catch these monsters which is what Yachts Riviera Maya specializes in. Our handpicked team has, not years, but decades of experience fishing the waters of the Cancun, Cozumel and they know where to find the trophies. Take a look at a few pictures from a handful of our satisfied customers.

Nothing beats the beauty and adventure that Riviera Maya offers, especially while cruising the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. One of the popular activities that you cannot miss out on is deep sea fishing.

We also offer an all-inclusive, custom fishing charter Riviera Maya for bottom fishing, snorkeling, combo tours, and more. Our fishing charters are available for all skill levels, interests, and group sizes. From amateur to expert angler, we have got your tour covered!

How to Fish During Fishing Charter Rivera Maya?

The Yucatán Peninsula is an exotic geographic zone that provides access to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Therefore, it creates great conditions for out-of-the-world flats fishing and non-stop deep water sport fishing.

Things to Know Before Planning Fishing Charter Rivera Maya Tour

Given below is some more information on shore fishing, fishing charters, bag limits, and fishing licenses.

Fishing Charter Riviera Maya

When going on a fishing charter to enjoy the Caribbean waters, you have to decide the type of vessel you need. Depending on the fishing technique you want to try, you can book for one captain, crewed, or any other type of charter. Our professional guides are also present in Cozumel, Cancun, Tulum, and other places to guide you to many interesting places.

Shore Fishing

If you are not willing to go out on the Riviera Maya fishing charter, simply enjoy the shore fishing. You don’t need fishing licenses for shore fishing. But make sure not to fish near swimmer. You must be around 250 meters away from them. Plus, fishing near and in front of hotels is also not allowed.

License For Fishing Charter Riviera Maya

If you are booking a fishing charter Riviera Maya, you may require a license. Every person aboard a boat with fishing equipment must have a license for fishing. You can buy a daily, monthly, weekly, or annual fishing license here. You can even ask your tour agent to arrange it for you.

Generally, many fishing charters in Riviera Maya include fishing licenses. But make sure it’s best to ask the tour operator about it before you book a trip.

Daily Bag Limits

You can take around 10 fish home per day. But no more than five fish of a particular species. The anglers are subject to some limits - not more than one billfish. No more than two dorados or tarpon.

The fishes in one or two categories count as five fish out of the total of ten fishes’ daily bag limit. And, the maximum daily bag limit for freshwater fishing or spearfishing is five fish.

Best Fishing Charter with Yachts Riviera Maya

Always choose the best fishing charter company when booking a boat for your trip. At Yachts Riviera Maya, we have a professional team that ensures that your selected yacht has all the necessary facilities for fishing. Even our professional tour operators help you choose the best tour to meet your expectations.

Contact our team of experts to help you choose the best available options for fishing charter Riviera Maya.

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