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With Riviera Maya Scuba Charter, when it comes to scuba diving, the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean are a diver’s paradise. The waters surrounding Cancun, The Riviera Maya, and Cozumel are rich in marine life offering hundreds of different species of mollusk, over a hundred different species of coral and close to two-hundred different species of fish. The Great Barrier Reef attracts tens of thousands of divers every year and the waters are crystal clear down to 50 feet. Just in this area alone there are over 30 documented dive sites.

The diving experience does not end there. Several boat and ship wrecks occupy the area and vary in depth from thirty to one-hundred feet. One can spend days swimming the inside and the outside of the mammoth vessels with Scuba Charter in Riviera Maya. In order to preserve the marine life most of the vessels were sunk due to being at the end of their human use life.

Last, wet your scuba /artistic pallet by diving the underwater museum a site that can be snorkeled as well with Riviera Maya Scuba Charter. Here you will find close to five-hundred underwater statues from several different artists ranging in size and configuration. This is a definite must see as the pictures in our gallery do it no justice. Other underwater statues can be found at several other dive sites, but none hold a candle to that of the Underwater Museum.

If you are new to scuba diving, no worries, we offer classes ranging from one to five days depending on your availability and kids over twelve are welcome with the best Scuba Charter in Riviera Maya. We also offer a touch-up training class for those of you who haven’t made it into the water lately. Each dive from your charter is accompanied by a dive master who specializes in the sites you will be visiting and in dive training. To schedule training, speak with one of our representatives prior to your dive as dive cards are a requirement when diving with us.

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