Places That Ignite the Spark of Romance in the Riviera Maya

Places That Ignite the Spark of Romance in the Riviera Maya

120 kilometers of silky white sand coastline with a turquoise seascape that tend to take one’s breath away is what Riviera Maya is all about. On any given day, you can come across thousands of people taking a leisurely stroll in these stretches of everlasting beach. Strolling along the sand, hand in hand with your loved one, is a perfect way to infuse some romance into your relationship.

From sunset cruises to highly entertaining dinner cruises on board a private Riviera Maya yacht rental, below are just a few ideas for couples desiring to take their level of romance up a notch while in the Riviera Maya.

A DAY IN AKUMAL – This is the perfect place to take in the 180-degree panoramic view of picturesque Half Moon Bay. Although the beach is a bit rocky, the scenery is spectacular. Bring your snorkeling gear and check out the underwater world teeming with marine life. Observe awesome creatures like sea turtles, the odd squid, abundant coral colonies as well as schools of colorful, tropical fish. Sip on a cool Caribbean cocktail and nibble on casual menu items like quinoa salads, rich seafood pasta or shrimp tacos. In the evening do not miss out on the romantic dinner with wine and lobster tail and watch in awe as the sunset transforms the sky from blue to vibrant hues of pink and orange. A day spent at this little piece of heaven is a day you will surely treasure forever.

SUNSET CRUISE – Romance blooms in the Caribbean, especially when you’re sailing the turquoise sea at sunset! Perfect for any occasion, the clear waters and fiery sky-spawn the perfect setting for passion and love to grow. In the Riviera Maya, you have several options to choose from. Hop on any of the private and luxurious Riviera Maya yacht rentals that offer drinks, snacks, dinners and even overnight stays aboard the vessels. Glide along the coastline with its lush jungle backdrop and watch as the sun descends on the horizon. See pink and purple hues take center stage and light up the sky while spreading its crimson colors over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Soak up the brisk, tropical breezes and let the dazzling scenes punctuate another day in paradise.

OVERNIGHT IN HOLBOX – This sleepy, little island is a peaceful gem for an ideal couple’s getaway. One night is all you need to be seduced by its charm. Bike rentals and kayaks are great methods of transportation for seeing the indescribable beauty of Holbox. Cars are a rare sighting on the island and golf carts seem to be the best way to get around the beautiful roads. What will entice you the most here is the colorful buildings painted by amazing graffiti artists and a slow pace of life that sweeps you away to dreamland. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to treat your taste buds with scrumptious Mexican cuisine.

DANCE TO LIVE MUSIC – A private yacht charter is always a vacation within a vacation. The yachts are illuminated with bright lights at nightfall and minty mojitos are in high demand. Mariachi bands take the stage and play a festive music only available in this part of the world. You are the private audience and the drinks are bottomless. Find a quieter spot in a dimly lit corner or take a spin on the dance floor with your sweetheart. Either way, a night spent on your private yacht rental is pretty unforgettable.

A BEACH OR CENOTE PHOTO SHOOT – The Caribbean Sea provides a stunning backdrop for a session booked with a local photographer. However, there are literally thousands of hidden gems called cenotes (limestone sinkholes) throughout the Rivera Maya that are beautiful beyond your imagination. The professional and skilled photographers host photo shoots at these masterpieces of Mother Nature and the finished products are extraordinary. A professional can capture candid moments of your love in these surreal settings for you to cherish forever.

If you're planning a visit to the Riviera Maya with your significant other, and you’re interested in any of these suggestions, Yachts Riviera Maya would be glad to help!! Make your romantic beach vacation the best it can be on board a private and luxurious Riviera Maya yacht rental.




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