Game Fish to Fill in the Basket while Fishing the Riviera Maya

Game Fish to Fill in the Basket while Fishing the Riviera Maya

Is fishing in the Riviera Maya one of the items on your bucket list? If so, it would be considered a great choice by many as it is highly regarded and guaranteed to provide some lifetime memories. The home to one of the Mexican Caribbean's most scenic landscapes, this destination offers an extensive golden chance to rell in one of the giant and exclusive game fish. From novice fishermen to those with plenty of experience, this is the place to be!! Riviera Maya has been a paradise for fishing enthusiasts for a number of years. Knowing the fish species that can be explored and found in Riviera Maya might prove helpful in planning your next adventurous yacht fishing Riviera Maya trip.


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Delve into the great adventure along with a group of peers or with the whole family aboard a private yacht fully equipped. Fishing enthusiasts from across the world travel to the Mayan Riviera to take part in the ultimate fishing experience. Try your luck trolling in deep or shallow waters in “One of The Sailfish Hot Spots of the World” to look for fish species as famous as the mahi-mahis, sailfish, barracudas, king mackerals, wahoos, tunas, groupers, snappers, and sharks. Catch one, two or number of fish during one of these fishing excursions under the expert guidance for a delightful experience!!


1) Dorado - Also known as Dolphin or Mahi Mahi. This surface-dwelling ray-finned fish is usually found in Mexican Coastal Waters along the Caribbean. They are distinguished by dazzling colors: golden on the sides, and bright blues and greens on the sides and back. The pectoral fins of the mahi-mahi are iridescent blue. Mahi-mahi are highly sought for sport fishing and commercial purposes.

• Best Fishing Charter for Catching Dorado: Deep sea fishing charters would be the best to look for Dorado. Dorado often swim near debris such as floating wood, ocean garbage, palm trees and sometimes around fish buoys.


2) Yellowfin Tuna - Also known as Allison Tuna and Ahi. Yellowfin Tuna is a hard fighter, making it a popular game fish among sport fishermen. They are torpedo-shaped with dark metallic blue backs, yellow sides, and a silver belly. Also, they have got very long anal and dorsal fins and finlets that are bright yellow.

• Best Fishing Charter for Catching Yellowfin Tuna: Deep sea fishing charters would be the best if you wish to catch tuna as they are mainly found in the deep offshore waters.


3) Bonefish: Also known as Ladyfish. Bonefish provides plenty of action year round. It is silvery in color with dusky fins. The bases of the pectoral fins are yellow. Bonefish are mostly caught for the sport, so the fish are released back into the water.

• Best Fishing Charter for Catching Bonefish: Fly fishing for bonefish, called bonefishing, is a popular sport among fishing aficionado. Since bonefish live in shallow inshore water, fishing may be done by wading or from a shallow-draft boat.


4) Sail Fish – Also known by the name of Atlantic Sailfish, Spindlebeak, or Pez Vela. The very well-known species of fish is found in the Riviera Maya in abundance, making this destination “the #1 Sailfish Hot Spot.” The upper surface of the fish is usually dark blue to black, silvery below, and vertical stripes are often visible on sides.

• Best Fishing Charter for Catching Sail Fish: Check with our deep sea fishing charters to find one and fill your fishing bucket. Drifting and Trolling are often considered best to reel in one of these fish that are usually found in the deep blue water.


5) Snapper - Also known as Blackspot Snapper. Due to the unique topography, the southern beaches of Playa del Carmen are famous for their abundance of Red Snapper amongst others. A Red Snapper's body is usually vivid red overall, with black crescent-shaped mark at base of the pectoral fin.

• Best Fishing Charter for Catching Snapper: Hop on the deep fishing charters for a memorable experience that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Another fishing season is going to arrive soon… and for sure it is a great time to be out there on the yacht fishing Riviera Maya trip.




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