Five of the Most Beautiful Beaches of Mayan Riviera

Boasting endless miles of pristine seashores, powdery white sands and dazzling turquoise waters, those who travel to Riviera Maya instantly fall in love with the natural beauty of this Caribbean coastline. From balmy beaches to ancient ruined wonders, the Riviera Maya provides the perfect escape for a luxurious charter vacation for beach lovers. The picture-perfect beaches of Riviera Maya are known for their gleaming white sands and shimmering blue waters. From discovering the world's largest underground river system to simply relaxing in a hammock, Riviera beaches have exciting attractions to visit and fun-packed things to do. Below, you'll find a list of the most beautiful beaches of the Mayan Riviera that would help you plan your next beach vacation and prepare a customized itinerary to explore all these natural wonders of this travel haven:

Yacht Charter Riviera Maya

#1 Akumul – The Place of Turtles

Silky white sands, coastal caves, warm sea currents and subterranean waters, Akumul features some of the most stunning beaches on the Earth. The Akumal beaches are famous for its marine turtles – Loggerhead Turtles and the Green Turtle – that come here to lay eggs. Located 3 miles south of Akumal within a short ride on your private yacht is Aktun Chen cave system. You will be astonished to see the three caves with its cenotes in Aktun Chen and its impressive rock formations with thousands of stalactites, stalagmites and natural sculptures formed by the water and calcium carbonate over millions of years.

#2 Playa del Secreto – The Secret is Out

Surrounded by jungle and Caribbean waters, the 1-mile stretch of white sand at Playa del Secreto is a hotspot for the family vacationers and couples. The protected shores of Playa del Secreto is a favorite nesting ground for giant leatherback sea turtles while the bordering jungle is home to foxes, deer, wild boars, and coatimundis. From wild parrots, kingfishers to black-necked stilts, you can enjoy bird watching in the Riviera's most beautiful beach.

#3 Tulum – The Wall

Tulum means 'wall', a name that has been given to this beach recently as it is surrounded by a wall. The powder-soft golden sands that are offset by clear blue waters form the stunning backdrop for the ruins of the ancient city of Tulum. The beach, with its fascinating ocean views and prominent Mayan city ruins, offers a glimpse into Mexico’s amazing past and present bohemian lifestyle.

#4 Isla Mujeres – Island of Women

Isla Mujeres is an eight mile island located six kilometers from the northeast coast of Cancun. It is the perfect beach for relaxing and connecting with the nature. Go to the southern tip of Isla to visit the Garrafon Park, where the rising sun first touches Mexican soil. Here you can enjoy water activities, discover reefs and view breathtaking cliffs. Playa Norte beach is the ideal option if you want to simply unwind at the end of your long beach day.

#5 Punta Maroma – Best Hidden Treasure

Ranked as Mexico's most best hidden treasure by the Travel Channel, Punta Maroma is part of the world's longest reef system, offers various water activities to enjoy and is also the habitat of a large number of marine species. Snorkeling is famous in this beach due to its proximity to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second longest one in the world. You can swim with dolphins, do horseback riding, diving, and kayaking or you can just enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters.

Thanks to the natural diversity, amazing beauty and richness of these Riviera beaches, you can spend a whole week or more discovering the secrets of these places. If you wish to explore the most beautiful beaches of Mayan Riviera, chartering a private luxury yacht is the best way to enjoy your beach vacation and create unforgettable memories.




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