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Manchones National Marine Park

Over five-Hundred statues crafted for the purpose of becoming part of the coral reef and eco-system within the Meso-American Barrier Reef sit at the bottom of what would be considered by many as the top dive / snorkeling spot in the world. MUSA, a non-profit organization, originally initiated the project in 2009 and committed itself along with some 200 tons of concrete to this 4 year project which finally became completed in 2013. Perhaps the most involved artist, Jason deCaires Taylor is quoted as calling this work of art a “Silent Evolution. Taylor’s commitment, 18 to 20 months and 120 tons of PH-Neutral cement all to preserve and add to the beauty of the ocean with his artificial reefs. To find out more about this amazing artist, you can visit his website at .

Of the 500 plus sculptures that were created to be placed into the sea, 477 are located at the Manchones National Marine Park and can be viewed at various depths as shallow as 3 meters and as deep as 6 meters. Twenty-Three sculptures are located at the Punta Nizuc site and it is to be noted that there are two additional statues located at the Cozumel site Cozumel Chankanaab. These two statues garner much attention due to their relevance in the Mexican culture and throughout the world as the statues were crafted to resemble the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

This is a diver’s and snorkeler’s top choice due to the attachment to Manchones (The Great Mayan Reef) which has so much to offer in marine life as well. Still the 477 statues that make up two complete galleries of submerged art are enough to hold your attention for as long as your legs can paddle. The style and variety varies from people to animals and even cars. Unfortunately words do this masterpiece no justice and pictures only help a little. This is a site that is guaranteed to hold you in awe well after you are out of the water and dried off. To find out more about diving the Manchones Meso-American Barrier Reef or otherwise called the Great Mayan Reef click the link here. Manchones Meso-American Reef.




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