Tulum is best known for its Mayan Ruins that tower over the sea and run along the coast line of a 45 foot cliff. This former Mayan city was one of the last constructed Mayan sites and is perhaps one of the best preserved locations garnering much attention from tourist all around the world. Once setting your sites on El Castillo, you almost don’t take any notice of the pristine sandy beaches and turquoise waters that role up to the front yard of this monument.
Other tourist interest includes the underground river in the sacred caverns of LabnaHa park, filled with overhead stalactites that peer down from the underground ceiling. Be sure to wear clothes that are water ready as you are sure to get wet when touring the river.
Inside the Eco Park and the forest of Tulum are Cenotes that pepper the surrounding area. These water holes in the jungle were formed by the collapse of limestone located above the underground rivers and caves. Mayan’s believed these sink holes to be a means of communicating with the gods and not only drank from the pure waters but made human sacrifice and worshipped from the cenotes as well. Dos Ojos is possibly the most popular cenote in the Riviera Maya area with thousands of visitors making this stop a part of their exploration of the ever popular Tulum.
To find out more about the caves caverns, underground rivers and the possibitlity of scuba diving the network of pure waters of the Riviera Maya, click on the Cave Cavern and Cenote Diving link here.




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