Manchones Meso-American Barrier Reef

Manchones Meso-American

Commonly known as the Great Mayan Reef by Mexicans, coral spans over two miles along Isla Mujeres ranging from 15 meters to 2 kilometers in depth. This one of a kind scuba destination is rated amongst the top 35 diving spots in the world. The thriving eco-system is home to over 160 species of reef dwelling fish, over 350 species of mollusks, and over 100 different types of coral.
Beyond the statistical data, the pristine waters of the Caribbean offer views that cannot be matched to snorkelers and both beginning and advanced divers. This is a great location for novice divers since it has something to offer at all water depths. More importantly it resides under the protected Manchones National Marine Park which is also home to the spectacular underwater museum. Close to 500 water sculptures have been placed in the Manchones park in order to assist and co-exist in its current eco-system. To find out more about the one of a kind Manchones National Marine Park & Underwater Museum click the link provided here. Manchones National Marine Park & Underwater Museum
Charters go out to the popular Manchones and Isla Mujeres on a daily basis. Availability is always a challenge which is why Yachts Riviera Maya has a long list of yachts to choose from. In order to get the yacht you are most interested in, you should always charter as far out in advance as possible. To find out more about the Isla Mujeres Destination Location, click on the link here. Isla Mujeres




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