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Adventurous. Amazing. Unmatched: Riviera Maya’s Best Diving Sites

Adventurous. Amazing. Unmatched: Riviera Maya's Best Diving Sites

The Riviera Maya – a destination that beautifully combines amazing turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and famed white sandy beaches with exuberant tropical rainforest, subterranean rivers, cenotes, lakes, lagoons, and mangroves. The Mexico's Riviera Maya is a tropical paradise of crystal clear waters that harbor true diving...
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Cenotes in the Riviera Maya: Amazing Mayan Underwater World

Cenote (pronounced “Say-NOH-tay”) – this geological creation is an integral part of the history of the Yucatan Peninsula. Cenotes are natural swimming holes formed millions of years ago by the collapse of porous limestone bedrock into the underground water system. For the ancient Maya, these fresh water sink holes were ‘sacred wells’ where religious ceremonies...
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